Years ago I took several vitamin pills to improve my ups and downs. The ups weren’t so much the problem; they ended up in a normal state of life. The downs, on the other hand, came out too low.
For low, it is low and then imagine a bit more low.. So once a month I thought ‘you know, let’s stop this nonsense’.

When I watched a film about climate change that week, the grey smoke turned black. A week later the black smoke disappeared and with that I arrived back to my normal state and wondered what happened. 

But … I did not want to spend my whole life on those. So I went looking – or was it again that sister recommending it to me? – and found the book of Antje Peters; ‘Puur Natuurlijk Vrouw’. Note: not sure if it is translated in English….

This book contains all kinds of natural herbs and Anntje describes how to take them and their effect. With the book I went to search those herbs and to my surprise … The herbs Anntje wrote about, grew behind our house right here!

I was so amazed – I remember. Why hadn’t anyone ever told me this? Common weeds with such good qualities.

What did I do? 

Got my myself a one of these lovely little baskets, got out there to go picking. Did some more picking. And did some more. Syrups made from dandelions, daisies, clover, elderflower, field thistle and mixtures there of.

Tried tea from both dried and fresh dandelion, ginger, mint, marigold, St. John’s wort, thousand leaf, clover. Drank cold infusions of one day old.

After that I knew which syrups we liked the best, which tea is really indispensable for my health. And that dandelion is not a good plan in a smoothie.

What can you do?

Go outside and see what you can find where you live.

Basic Rules

  1. not too close to the road.
  2. Not at the place where dogs are let out.   
  3. Google before you go

A little list to get you going:

  • Dandelion
  • Clover
  • St John’s wort
  • Yarrow
  • Daisies
  • Lady’s mantle.

Check the internet what they are good for. For example, search for ‘medicinal properties Yarrow’.

Search the internet for how you can use the herb. For example ‘Recipe Daisy’.

And… while you are outside…

Don’t forget to look around and enjoy yourself when you’re out there 🙂

Or relax in the grass and listen to this On the grass meditation’.