I used to catch a cold when autumn came. Well, not immediately. But I actually expected to catch a cold. And then if I got hat cold, I hoped that I would not turn into a bad cold. And if I got a bad cold, I hoped that I didn’t get a throat infection. And when my throat started to hurt, I took painkillers and squeezed oranges. And then I would hope it would not get worse. And if it got worse, I was sick and I stayed home. Squeeze even more oranges. Went back to work a little too early and had a cold the whole winter. Very normal right? Nothing crazy about it, right?


Do you recognize that? We just wait and get a cold or not. Get the flu or not. The Bingo of Life.


When leaves start to fall, I spontaneously crave for ginger tea. And if someone in the family is sniffing a bit, I shout. YESS, TIME FOR GOLDEN MILK!

Golden Milk Recipe

🥤75 ml milk (cow, nuts, soy, …)
🥤1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
🥤1/2 teaspoon ginger powder
🥤1/4 teaspoon kumin powder
🥤 little pepper
🥤 add together and warm up. I use the frother of the coffee maker
Add 🥤1 tablespoon of honey, stir. Ready.

Drink this every day until the cold get’s less.

There is more possible

Elderberry juice against pain in the throat. There are various teas for various ailments, problems, etc. Homemade nisylene. Various ointments that you can use.

You, what can you do? 

Take a look at what you are already doing. Look what you know. For example, I knew my mother put a warm sauerkraut leaf on a bruise. What else would you like to know? Is there something in your medicine cabinet that you really want to get rid of? Just keep taking it, but google for other natural remedies. And above all enjoy your search, your journey. Take it slow, step by step.